The Center for Teaching and Learning was originally established at XMUT in 2011 May, which takes an active role in improving the quality of teaching and learning, enhancing teaching effectiveness as well as cultivating skilled teaching staffs. Aiming at lighting teachers’ passion, seeking distinguished teaching, dedicating teachers’development, and improving teaching quality, the center is staffed by 4 people, and is composed of the teacher training department and the teacher teaching ability development department at present.

    The Center for Teaching and Learning works closely with and provides supports for XMUT on teaching and researching, as well as other academic partners across the campus who support the instructional mission. Its services include: to help the teachers to establish occupation development plan; to organize a comprehensive tutoring mechanism to develop moral cultivation and teaching skills for new teachers, as well as to compose entry navigation; to plan a series activities in training teaching management staffs to enhance their occupation accomplishment and occupation ability; to select teachers to conduct research and studies at home and abroad; to evaluate teacher’s program and effectiveness of enterprise practice; to run workshops to gain teaching experiences for new teachers; to arrange teaching-related activities such as contest, teaching observation and seminars; to develop a reasonable system on teaching assessment; to set up teachers’moral building; to provide teaching skills consultation for teachers; and to develop a platform for digital teaching and learning technology.

    The goal of this center is to improve teaching quality, enrich teaching resources, promote the development of teaching professionals, encourage the perfection and creativity in teaching, and to provide teachers with consulting services to help them develop their academic interests and teaching capability. The staff of this center are dedicated to all aspects of teaching and learning. Welcome to contact our center, E-mail address: Fax: 0592-6291362.

    As the basic shape, the center marked itself with a full tree, which represents XMUT emphasizes education such as an old Chinese saying goes, “It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people”. The tree grows vibrant and plentiful, which means the teachers will have bright future at XMUT; the leaves means our school and teachers are full of energy and passion. Around the tree, there are some flying birds, which represent bird nest, and imply as a warm home, XMUT loves teachers; also, reflect that as a harbor, this center cares about teachers’ development.